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Re: [IPk] Glycemic Index

> Hilary - I do make some allowance for fast and slow acting carbs. I might
> pre-inject and wait a bit with very fast carbs or take half my insulin
> later for slow acting stuff. But I would be lying if I claimed to use the
> GI in some formalised way.

I'm the same. I make allowances but don't do any formal
calculations. Then again, I don't calculate anything formally. I'm
averse to tables and charts and rules! I certainly never use a
> I am still a little confused by what the glycemic index actually represents
> to people on insulin. It is measured on Type 2's or non-insulin dependent
> people as far as I'm aware, 

No, it's measured on type Is as well (they give them no insulin to
cover it and see how much the BG goes up and at what rate).
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