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[IPk] Campaigning

At 21:00 23/05/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi,this is Hilary, Ele's dreadful mum. Now I'm really going to try and get
>my head round this technology and send my pennies worth.

Welcome from the shadows!

I perceive that this battle must be fought on 3 fronts simultaneously:

a) We need to raise public awareness. Diabetic celebrities will help
enormously. Steve Redgrave and the MP are ideal. (Isn't it ironic that he
complained publicly that the irregular hours of parliamentary sittings
played havoc with his diabetes!)

b) We need to assist in the short term with finding funding assistance (Can
the pump companies not devise some imaginative leasing arrangements,
whereby an affordable amount per week is paid?)

c) The diabetes professionals must be brought squarely on board. Without
this, all will be to no avail.

INPUT is a perfect vehicle for coordinating "real world" campaigning. And
this list is ideal for bringing people together behind the scenes.


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