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Re: [IPk] Glycemic Index

Hilary - I do make some allowance for fast and slow acting carbs. I might
pre-inject and wait a bit with very fast carbs or take half my insulin
later for slow acting stuff. But I would be lying if I claimed to use the
GI in some formalised way.

I am still a little confused by what the glycemic index actually represents
to people on insulin. It is measured on Type 2's or non-insulin dependent
people as far as I'm aware, and measures the total bg raising power over
the digestion period. (If you plot a bg graph, it's the total area under
the graph before it returns to normal) If you believe in carb counting, all
carb has the same bg-raising strength. The GI would seem to incorporate
into that the extent to which that food promotes the body's own insulin to
be produced and how rapidly - if you follow me.

What it doesn't formally measure is how long it takes for, say, 50% or 75%
of the carb to be converted into glucose. That is the figure I would find
most useful.


At 21:09 23/05/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Is anyone using the glycemic index to help with their carbo intake? ie 
>longer lasting carbohydrates help to even out the peaks and troughs of bg
>readings. Hilary.
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