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[IPk] public thank you

I'd just like to say a big public thank you to everyone here who's
helped me in the last few weeks. Most of all to John N who got me into
pumping in the first place and who has been a huge source of both
practical and emotional support. Also to Ray and John H who have sent
me samples of things and stopgap supplies, to John D for phoning me up
and making sure I'm still alive, to Natty for attempting to make me
laugh (even if it doesn't always work) and to Eleanor for being
female <g> and helping me with those tricky "where to
wear it" problems, amongst other things.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

I have now managed the last 4 consecutive days without a single
reading above 9.5 (a first *ever* that I can recall and have recorded in 20 years of having DM) and over a
week without any readings above 12. And that includes drinking, at
least 4
different types of exercise and  lots of stress.
And I feel great on it! Of course it's not perfect - there've been a
few hypos, but, hey, perfection would make life too boring!

thanks folks
{big hugs to you all}

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