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[IPk] more pump questions

OK, all you knowledgeable people out there. 
Some more pump questions for you.

(1) When I use a Sofset, when I take it out the cannula is covered in
some kind of white substance. Just curious as to what it is. I don't
get it with a Silhouetter.

(2) I had the most bizarre skin reaction on Thursday. I use Skin Prep
on the site before I insert the set, because otherwise I tend to get
an allergic reaction to the tapes.
I also use it to wipe any remaining sticky stuff off my skin when I
take the set out. I had been using a Sofset with the honeycomb type of
tape (can't remember what it is but it's the one which comes with it
and isn't IV3000). I don't normally use it because I'm allergic to it,
but I had to because with teh nonQR sets that's the only typ eof tap
ehtat comes wiht it. Anyway, since I had used SKin Prep under it it
had been fine for 2 days. When I took it out, everything was fine and
not red at all until I wiped the site with Skin Prep. It felt as if I
had just poured acid straight onto my skin. It burned like hell and
immediately a huge red mark appeared and what looked and felt like a
chemical burn. It's still there now and still hurts. There's no
infection or anything, and it wasn't even over the spot where that set
had gone in, just over where the tape had been. Anyone else ever ahd
anythign like this? I'm figuring itmust jsut be a bizarre reaction
between the adhesive and the Skin Prep, but in which case, why didn't
this happen when I first put the tape down on top of the Skin Prep?

(3) I know I had another question but I've forgotten it now.

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