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Re: [IPk] IV/pump

> Di, apparently people who go on IV from pump come out with worse BGs. 

Hmmm, in theory there's no reason why they should. My guess is either
that they would have had worse BGs anyway even on the pump (most
people's insulin requirements go thru the roof after surgery), or that
the doctors weren't getting the IV rates right or monitoring
properly. My experience on IVs definitely testifies to that.

that's very quick to get you out in one day. Every time I've had
surgery (where it would have been done in a day for a non-Dmer)
they've had me on IV insulin and I've been kept in for at least 3
days. Admitted the day before, surgery the next morning and out the
following day or the day after that.


> only be in hospital for the day. They said they'd want me in for the morning 
> to "monitor" me, then gas me in the afternoon and chuck me out in the 
> evening to cope all on my lonesome with a painful sleepless night :o(
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