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Re: [IPk] Serious idea, need feedback

I hope I got the point across that the document would NOT be for the pumper
themselves but for the DSNs, Endo's etc (the Subject).  Writing a book like
Insulin Pumping (which is great) is all well and good if you have had the
initial training from the medical profession.

The document would be available in Acrobat, HTML and print.  I would
suggest that the technology side is relevant and is the last thing to think
about.  I know this might sound a bit strange but at the end of the day
paper is still accessible to everyone even Endo's ;-)

Just from my initial sketches and notes I feel it will be quite a thick
document which would handhold the Subject though every step of what I would
call the "Human Personalities" of pumping.

I think the place to start is to have a dedicated list for contributors to
the document (lets call it a project from now on, as a document undermines
its quality).

The reason I wanted to keep it to the UK list was that there are still
personalities as it is new.  Each of the people on the list have good
things to add (ok, I wont do the humor and witty bits ;-().  This makes it
much easier for the Subject to relate to these people.  The people
(characters) throughout the project would have pattens to the way they do
things, for example you might have one person who counts the carbs to the
extreme, whilst you might have another who drinks 20 pints on a Friday
night and still wakes up with a BG of 7.4

Also I was thinking that we could use the USDA good list which I have the
data files for to include in the project.  If the project was laid out
correctly it would be easy for the Subject to copy pages for there patients.

My only concern is that I do not feel that this document should be made
available to the general pumper on day 1 as it would contain very real
issues that could put anyone off pumping for life which we definitely don't
want to do.

Just a thought, someone mentioned a while ago about INPUT being a charity,
maybe the project could be linked in with that in some way.  

Also I recon that the project could also include relevant advertising and
contact information which would be of use to the Subject (can anyone think
of what else I can call this "Subject" when talking about the Endo's,
Nurses, Medical Profession).  This way it could also be used to enable
funding of people and other things that would be of use to the INPUT or
other charity organization.

If the project turned out to be 100 pages you could include about 35-40
full page ads which in turn at a charge of say 500 per page ad would bring
in 20,000 per annum in ad revenue.

One thing I learnt from my marketing and sales days is that you never give
something like this away for free.  You ALWAYS have a RRP on the front
cover which I would suggest should be about 15.  By having an RRP of 15
the psychology of the Subject will feel that its worth having a look at.
Even if they receive it for free they still think they have 15 of
something in there hand and they tend not to ignore it.  

What you might do is have an RRP of 15 but offer it to people who want to
distribute it (the advertisers, pump makers etc) for say 250 for 50 copies
which would be customized on the front saying something like "With the
compliments of XYZ Company Ltd".  That way the Subject feels they are
getting 15 of value from XYZ Company Ltd as a gift with everyone being a

What it then means is that say 20 advertisers also take the 50 copy deal
which is another  5000 which covers printing and other costs etc.

What would also be good would be if I got in touch the say BreezeNet or
FreeServe and told them that we require X00 CDs from them to include in the
project pack to entice the subject onto using the Internet for future and
further research.  Also I am pretty sure that I could get one of the big PC
makes to take the back page for say 2000-2500 as its a marking they don't
have direct access to.

It might also be possible to get the BMA to talk about the project etc etc.

Anyway that's a few more thoughts, any suggestions.  

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