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[IPk] Absorbtion speed

>Lasts 20 minutes? 
>How can Actrapid last on;y 20 minutes when given by IV as opposed to
>4-6 hours by subcutaneous injection? I can understand it getting there
>faster (I'd forgotten about that) but how can it only last so little

Cuz that's what it does biochemically. Once it's in the blood, it's
go-go-go for the insulin molecule. Doesn't hang around. The absorbtion
times of Actrapid/Humalog/Insulatard/Ultratard/whatever is just determined
by how rapidly the substance you've injected breaks down into individual
insulin molecules, and migrates through the subcutaneous fat and into the
blood stream... or something like that. John H had better take over here...

>Also why do they use H in the US in IVs then if it's so dangeerous?

It's not dangerous. It's long-acting stuff that's dangerous. Why they use
it rather than Humalog I don't know. Ask them...


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