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Re: [IPk] wisdom teeth

Jill, Not exactly filling me with a whole load of confidence!!

Useful info though, thanks


>I had my wisdom teeth out and was knocked out for the procedure.  I told 
>dentist that I was on a pump and that my basal rate would be fine for the
>duration of the procedure (my MD said this too) and he said OK. As far as I
>know nobody touched my pump. My BG's were good for the most part afterwards
>though I slept for 24hr straight (I did't eat anything for 1-2 days cause 
>lip was so numb food/liquids wouldn't stay in my mouth).  My roomate kept
>bringing me the pain medication every 4 hours or so after I got home. It 
>good medicine....make sure you get some.
>Good Luck....
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