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Re: [IPk] ID cards

> As far as I'm aware, if you take your insulin intravenously, there is
> absolutely no difference in the action of Actrapid and Humalog. H is only
> faster getting through the fat and into the blood. Once there all insulin
> lasts about 20 minutes.

Lasts 20 minutes? 
How can Actrapid last on;y 20 minutes when given by IV as opposed to
4-6 hours by subcutaneous injection? I can understand it getting there
faster (I'd forgotten about that) but how can it only last so little

Also why do they use H in the US in IVs then if it's so dangeerous?

I was interested to see that my dad (who is in intensive care after a
quad heart bypass at the moment) is on 10 units/hour of
Actrapid. Considering he normally takes a total of about 30 units a
day that's about double his normal requirements. I guess major stress
on the body takes its toll.
They'd ledt the Bg meter by his bed so I had a sneaky look at the
memory to see how his BG had been (since it wasn't on any of tha
charts). Mostly between 3.5 and 12. it seemed to be going up and dwon
a lot. When I arrived at 2pm it was 4, at 6pm it was 13. (Mine was 7
when I arrived and 6.9 when I left, in spite of all the stress). The
doctors and nurses were all fascinated by my pump of course. Though I
did get the "oh, is your diabetes that bad?" from one. Once I had
explained she did comment that it would probably help prevent
complications (hurrah, someone with a bit of sense), though in a veyr
dismissive kind of way.

> Was that when you got knocked off yer bike first second or third time?
> Dangerous place Manchester...

Hmm, well the only time I've actually been hospitalised as a result of coming
off my bike was in N. Yorkshire on a farm track with noone else in
sight to blame! Though I've visited Casualty a few times in Manchester :-)


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