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Speaking of mothers, havent heard much from your mum recently, how is her
sister is the db going ok.

At 08:49 21/05/1999 +0000, you wrote:
>Di, I’m not part of the research trials that Sandra has been talking about. 
>I… we (alex and I) are part of the 5 Nations trial (I think!), maybe Sandra 
>can answer that question !! Sanrda??
>How did I get involved? Errr, Neil put me in touch with Disetronic UK.  
>Where is he anyway, he was suppose to be joining this forum!
>Ohhhh JOHN N!! you’ve spoilt it now. I was planning to shock everyone with 
>my overnight fame and fortune, ok, maybe not so much of the fortune, 
>thinking about it they’ll be very little fame! How come you get the see the 
>draft article and I don’t huh?!
>Talking of insulin requirements, mine went up to about 70 or 80 from 58 for 
>the first 3 months I was on the pump. But that was because I couldn’t get 
>over the fact that I could eat ANYTHING of ANY amount while my BG stayed 
>stable! You should have seen the amount of choc I ate!! I put on about 1/2 
>stone, but that was while I was keeping up the exercise. When I realised I 
>needed to get healthy again it was easy to diet compared to injections. Now 
>I’m on about 40 to 50 units depending on how much exercise I do and how much 
>junk food there is in the house…. Which is VERY little MOTHER!!!
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