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No Subject

Di, I’m not part of the research trials that Sandra has been talking about. 
I… we (alex and I) are part of the 5 Nations trial (I think!), maybe Sandra 
can answer that question !! Sanrda??

How did I get involved? Errr, Neil put me in touch with Disetronic UK.  
Where is he anyway, he was suppose to be joining this forum!

Ohhhh JOHN N!! you’ve spoilt it now. I was planning to shock everyone with 
my overnight fame and fortune, ok, maybe not so much of the fortune, 
thinking about it they’ll be very little fame! How come you get the see the 
draft article and I don’t huh?!

Talking of insulin requirements, mine went up to about 70 or 80 from 58 for 
the first 3 months I was on the pump. But that was because I couldn’t get 
over the fact that I could eat ANYTHING of ANY amount while my BG stayed 
stable! You should have seen the amount of choc I ate!! I put on about 1/2 
stone, but that was while I was keeping up the exercise. When I realised I 
needed to get healthy again it was easy to diet compared to injections. Now 
I’m on about 40 to 50 units depending on how much exercise I do and how much 
junk food there is in the house…. Which is VERY little MOTHER!!!


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