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Re: [IPk] ID cards

In Jersey they would have you back on very quickly, I know that my not be
the case in the UK.  The view of the docs/nurses here is that you are the
diabetic, you have had it for years, you tend to know more than they do, so
why mess about with the unusual of not being on your pump.  Havent yet had
to experience this but i am pretty sure this would be the case.

At 21:17 20/05/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>Thanks Estelle.
>I don't deny that IV insulin and glucose in an emergency situation is the
>best treatment until things are stabilised. But in many situations a
>non-pumping diabetic would rapidly be put back on injections. How many
>hospitals would trust themselves - or you - to put you straight back on a
>pump as an in-patient while your diabetes is still their legal responsibility?
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