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Re: [IPk] ID cards

The pump is the perfect tool to keep your bg steady. You know that. They
don't. Educate them. They may need some persuasion, but it's a perfect
learning opportunity for them. Get them to have a chat with your pump trainer.

If my dentist wasn't able to intelligently discuss with me diabetes
treatment methods that he didn't understand, I wouldn't trust him to take
my teeth out...


At 19:15 20/05/99 +0000, you wrote:
>In July I'm haveing all my wisdom teeth out and they want to knock me out 
>(like to see them try!). They've threatened to put me on IV but will discuss 
>it with me. Can somebody please help me to convice the evil dentist that the 
>pump will be ok while he takes away my worldly wisdom?

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