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Re: [IPk] ID cards

I fly frequently between Heathrow or Manchester and Frankfurt or Basel.
Never had any trouble. Everyone gets a body search at Frankfurt with a
hand-held scanner, and they usually pick it up. In Germany, they all know
what an insulin pump is so that's no issue. But they also want to know what
the glucose tablets are in my pocket as well. In Basel it's a walk-through
job, and it's never been spotted. Heathrow I think it was once spotted and
I just said it's an insulin pump. End of story.

But I did once get a major luggage search at Bristol airport when I was
exporting Cheddar Cheese in my luggage... unusual sqare blocks of a dense
substance showed up in the scan. Very suspicious...

I've heard scare stories of people getting their pumps taken to pieces by
security staff in distant African lands. But I think some people just
attract trouble.

Someone else described how they would disconnect their pump and put it in
their carry-on handluggage along with the camera and Walkman etc just to
pass through security in order to avoid trouble. I don't believe the mild
Xray has any effect on the pump equipment.


At 17:35 20/05/99 +0100, you wrote:
>I was told by someone on the Db newsgroup to keep your pump out of site
>otherwise security people give you hassle as they think its a pager.  When
>Rita and Joan were over here they said they were working on something like
>an id card that sort of opened up as well with info on the pump and also
>info about the user.

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