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Re: [IPk] ID cards

Trevor Gale stayed on his pump when he had a major op. Joan and him played
before hand to get the basel right and all was great, but the bg went up a
bit after due to stress.  If anyone wants to know more about this then Joan
has the info and she tells me that she will be going here very soon.

At 17:02 20/05/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>That's true. You would be on IV insulin anyway (which is pretty much
>the same as a pump in terms of how it works).
>I bet they'd do the same if you had to have a GA (though I know
>people in the US have stayed on the pump for it).
>And guess what - in the UK they don't use Humalog in IVs, only
>Actrapid (AFAIK) because "it's too dangerous". And then they wondered
>why I was hypo when they took me into the operating theatre!
>> If you had had an accident for example, which had left you unconcious, you
>> would be treated by the emergency services, as any other diabetic would be
>> treated in that situation.  The emergency service would have to take you off
>> the pump and on hospitalisation, put you on what they call a sliding scale
>> (insulin offset with fluids, if I understand the correct medical
>> definition - Sandra Dudley may want to correct me on this) until you had
>> come round and are ready to be hooked back up to your pumpo and take care of
>> yourself.
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