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Re: [IPk] ID cards

That's true. You would be on IV insulin anyway (which is pretty much
the same as a pump in terms of how it works).

I bet they'd do the same if you had to have a GA (though I know
people in the US have stayed on the pump for it).

And guess what - in the UK they don't use Humalog in IVs, only
Actrapid (AFAIK) because "it's too dangerous". And then they wondered
why I was hypo when they took me into the operating theatre!
> If you had had an accident for example, which had left you unconcious, you
> would be treated by the emergency services, as any other diabetic would be
> treated in that situation.  The emergency service would have to take you off
> the pump and on hospitalisation, put you on what they call a sliding scale
> (insulin offset with fluids, if I understand the correct medical
> definition - Sandra Dudley may want to correct me on this) until you had
> come round and are ready to be hooked back up to your pumpo and take care of
> yourself.
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