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Re: [IPk] ID cards


If you had had an accident for example, which had left you unconcious, you
would be treated by the emergency services, as any other diabetic would be
treated in that situation.  The emergency service would have to take you off
the pump and on hospitalisation, put you on what they call a sliding scale
(insulin offset with fluids, if I understand the correct medical
definition - Sandra Dudley may want to correct me on this) until you had
come round and are ready to be hooked back up to your pumpo and take care of

As you know the pump ius a very unique thing.  To each patient it means
something individual, as in how much basal insulin is delivered in 24 hours,
how many bolus's, how many units in the bolus (e.g when you nearly fell
through the floor at Nathan's bolus amount), so even if every medic could be
trained in the working of the pump, they may not know your insulin needs (as
with a patient on injection therapy).

Hope this makes sense

Kind regards

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Date: 20 May 1999 16:15
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>Estelle - if I, for example, got knocked down in the road (in Britain) and
>rushed off unconcious to hospital, what is the chance that anybody there
>would have a clue what to do with this insulin pump thing attached to me?
>What would be the response of the average hospital? Do they all have
>instructions on the use of insulin pumps? Or would the resident
>diabetolgist put me back on long acting insulins and things until I could
>take control?
>At 15:53 20/05/99 +0100, you wrote:
>>Eleanor, You are right you clever girl.
>>I have spoken to Disetronic in Germany and they have them in various
>>languages and they are sending some in the mail to me tomorrow, so as soon
>>as I get them I'll forward you one (along with that accessories catalogue
>>keep promising.)
>>Apparently you put your pump on there and it that makes the card unique to
>>you, not quite sure how it works, but will let you know soon enough.
>>I'm becoming just too efficient!  That's my word for it, anyway!
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