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No Subject

John, I live in Cambridge and went to Harrogate to get trained. I've got 
nothing to do with the Bournemouth hospital.... well, until i go to 
University there in the year 2000.

>I'm confused, Eleanor. (I know, it doesn't take much) - did you used to 
>live in
>the North or did you go to Harrogate just to get the pump training /
>go to the BDA conference? I thought you were part of John D's  Bournemouth
>pump group.
>P.S. Great pics and I'm dead jealous of you meeting Kris!
> > Well, Alex is the one on the far right... oh, I mean left ;o) then it's 
> > and Claire who was pregnant at the time, Steve, Ulrike (the German DSN 
> > trained us) and Louisa. We're all at the Harrogate hospital.
> >
> > Eleanor
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