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[IPk] cartridges

John, So are you saying that Disetronic users can use the plastic cartridges 
more than the recommended twice? I certainly do and don't have any problems. 
Also, it's a way of saving money.


>It is not necessarily a blockage that can set off an occlusion alarm.  Any
>time the motor experiences greater than expected resistance can set off 
>alarm.  What can happen is if the cartridge is used more than once you can
>get uneven deposition/build up of insulin on the sides of the cartridge.
>This causes increased friction and can set off the alarm.  The plastic
>Cartridges Disetronic use have plungers which are pretty solid, they
>therefore do not deform under pressure the way a soft rubber plunger would
>and thus the increased pressure is detected quickly.
>Best wishes
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>From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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>Date: 18 May 1999 12:57
>Subject: Re: [IPk] No Delivery alarms
> >
> >> With the Minimed pump, and possibly also with the Disetronic (Please =
> >> confirm, John?), the alarm occurs due to a build up of pressure against 
> >> some sort of blockage. In the Minimed this will normally occur at less 
> >> that the equivalent of 3 units of delivery.
> >
> >That's quite a long time to go without insulin if it's just a basal
> >going through. You might not be getting anything for 6 hours before
> >the alarm went off!
> >
> >However, I imagine that this isn't as much of a problem as it sounds
> >as it would be unlikely to happen in this way except directly after a
> >site change (presumably why they recommend changing the site before a
> >bolus).
> >
> >> Never forget, however, that many blockages occur because of problems at 
> >> the site, either by blocking with tissue, or as the result of early =
> >> stages of a build up of irritation etc. If the blockage can be cleared 
> >> once the set has been taken from the site then this is an indication of 
> >> a site problem.
> >
> >It's a bit late by then as you've already taken the set out!
> >Would it fair to assume that if you just get one alarm and then it's
> >fine, it's unlikely to be a site problem?
> >Di
> >P.S. Ray, is it possible for you to turn off the html in you r emails?
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