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[IPk] Training

> It is funny you should think of a follow up day/refresher course/and
> beyondfor the Disetronic customers; I was thinking exactly the same thing
> and had initially bounced it off John davis; as it didn't cause any
> immediate damage (!sorry John D) we are currently planning it.  It would
> be especially good for those who are remote from an active centre.  I hope
> to be writing to you all soon with some suggestions/venues etc

I've been watching the traffic on the Diabetes UK list (another general diabetes 
mailing list I'm on) and what comes across time and time again is how starved 
people are by their clinic of real hard useful information. It seems to flow on a drip 
drip need-to-know basis.

Given that we administer nearly 100% of our own diabetes care, it's extraordinary 
that we are not trained to a much much higher level. This is a condition with 
chronic outcomes which will be with each of us for the rest of our lives.

For a variety of reasons clinics cannot provide that level of training. But who with 
diabetes would not benefit from being trained up to the level of a diabetes 
specialist nurse, and beyond?

There is surely an opening now in Britain for specialised diabetes education 
courses, at an advanced level, which should perhaps be entirely outside the 
healthcare system. Perhaps 2 evenings a week for 6 months at a local college. 
Everything their is to know about diabetes - all the different opinions, what might 
or might not work. No holds barred. It needn't be run by doctors or nurses. There 
might be a case for people funding it themselves, rather like they would driving 
lessons. The outcome of driving your diabetes badly is as bad as driving your car 


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