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Re: [IPk] racing

Ele - are you doing any revision at the moment? Or just sitting 
around writing emails? It's only when you are being paid lots of 
money by an employer that you are allowed to sit around all day 
writing inconsequential emails...

Loads of different things affect bg's... carbohydrate, insulin and 
exercise are only one tiny part of the equation. Unfortunately they 
are the only things we can realistically control, so that's what we 
focus on. But it's not the whole picture. Since pumpers have much 
more precise tools to control the system, it's then that you start to 
get interested in the other things.

Or am I just a control freak?


> when I say chemicals I mean the bodies NATURAL chemicals... don't want
> anyone to get the wrong idea about me...!
> eleanor

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