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Re: [IPk] racing

I guess adrenaline effects people in different ways, depending on which 
chemicals are running around the body!


>This is quite interesting as I have a condition that the doctors are
>looking into at the moment which makes me have very high adrenaline levels.
>  If I remember correctly a normal reading for adrenaline is round about 50
>something and mine is currently up at 330 which is way off the scale.  The
>effect is that the BGs seem to be up rather than down, and the docs seems
>to expect it to go up.
>At 13:48 17/05/1999 +0000, you wrote:
> >Di, I wouldn't say I was particularly active that day, just pretty scared
> >that I was on deaths doorstep!! 2 Porche 911's crashed in the same place 
> >different times and totally ruined their bodies. drivers weren't hurt but 
> >kinda put an edge on the day.
> >
> >I thought adrenaline and stress sent my bgs high-ish aswell, it must have
> >been my muscles using my energy I guess.
> >
> >Eleanor
> >
> >>
> >>
> >> > I stared the day with perfect BGs but throughout I went hypo. Could 
> >> > have been the affect of the adrenaline or do you think I was using so
> >>much
> >> > energy tensing my muscles and holding onto the car seat for dear 
> >> >
> >> > I usually find that excitment and adrenaline sends me high.
> >> >
> >> > Any thoughts ??
> >> > Eleanor
> >> >

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