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[IPk] first impressions

Estelle! how did you get Alex onto this thing!! Must be your way with 
words!! WELCOME alex, we just need to get Neil onto it now!

Hi John, the 6mm is a bit of a disaster. I spent most of the day with a BG 
of 18. Iíll try it again in a few days time in a different site. I think 
itís designed for MEGA MEGA slim people! i.e. people with no fat or 

When other people use Rapids what length do you use? I think Iíve got quite 
a few 10mm x 80cm so would it be ok if I swop them for 8mm x 110cm?

Iíve been on the pump for a year now and Iím not the only person who thinks 
it would be GREATLY beneficial to have a "refresher" day. a reminder of carb 
counting, basel and bolus rates while exercising, general handling of the 
pump, how to insert Tenders (quite a few of my friends are scared to try 
them because they look so intimidating and evil!) the importance of testing, 
alcohol, how to handle illness, ketoacidosis, changing time-zones when on 
holiday (because itís not as straightforward as you might think, believe 
me!) etc. It is all covered in the Disetronic training (donít know about 
Minimed), but how many people were really able to take it all in AND have 
the confidence to put it into practice at home.

It would give people a chance to discuss various problems and exchange 
views, opinions and experiences with other pumpers. Around October time I 
went to the BDA conference in Harrogate and met up with about 8 other 
pumpers and it was GREAT! AND I met Kriss Akabusi!

John Davis, you had some thought on this didnít you?


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