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Re: [IPk] Sofsets

> yes, I'm using a Sofserter. Maybe I shouldn't bother :-)
> I guess the needle might have been slightly bent - I didn't look
> closely. Inserting a set on a moving train while trying to avoid the
> glares of your fellow passengers is probably not the best option
> either! I'd never heard of that happening before as I assumed the
> force it goes in with would prevent that happening. Di

Continue to use the SofSerter, just make sure you sets aren't bent. 
If they are bent and do not enter at the impact-zone center point, at 
a theoretical extreme, they might bend 90 degrees when fully inserted 
(not in the real world). Lily had a batch of SS's that were a little 
bent and had this kind of problem with them. Check the "straightness" 
before you take off the little protective sleeve on the needle. If 
it's bent, you can gently straighten it.

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