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[IPk] No Delivery alarms

With the Minimed pump, and possibly also with the Disetronic (Please confirm, John?), the alarm occurs due to a build up of pressure against some sort of blockage. In the Minimed this will normally occur at less that the equivalent of 3 units of delivery..(I don't know the equivalent figure for the Disetronic) So in Diana's case there may have been the start of a build up of pressure before the bolus
If a blockage occurs you should check all the obvious things like kinks, twists, etc. We have also had cases with both pumps where an early blockage alarm has occurred when the syringes are not properly aligned in their cavities.
Never forget, however, that many blockages occur because of problems at the site, either by blocking with tissue, or as the result of early stages of a build up of irritation etc. If the blockage can be cleared once the set has been taken from the site then this is an indication of a site problem. Of couse with the sofset and silhouette it is impossible to re-insert so this will always need a change of set.
One other point to check before filling your syringe make sure that it moves quite freely.
Ray Morrissey