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Re: [IPk] Sofsets

Thanks Michael
yes, I'm using a Sofserter. Maybe I shouldn't bother :-)
I guess the needle might have been slightly bent - I didn't look
closely. Inserting a set on a moving train while trying to avoid the
glares of your fellow passengers is probably not the best option
I'd never heard of that happening before as I assumed the force it
goes in with would prevent that happening.
> I assume you're using a SofSerter. If the insertion needle (steel 
> needle) is slightly bent and you "whop" it in, the whole apparatus 
> under the skin will be out of whack. This is an uncommon problem, but 
> produces the results you describe. After placing the SofSet in the 
> inserter tool, hold it up and take a look to make sure the needle is 
> perfectly straight, otherwise........
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