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Re: [IPk] racing

> Di, I wouldn't say I was particularly active that day, just pretty scared
> that I was on deaths doorstep!! 2 Porche 911's crashed in the same place
> at different times and totally ruined their bodies. drivers weren't hurt
> but it kinda put an edge on the day.
> I thought adrenaline and stress sent my bgs high-ish aswell, it must have
> been my muscles using my energy I guess.

I find adrenaline does weird and often unpredictable things to my 
bg. Sometimes up and sometimes down. I've speculated that short-
term stress - awkward phone calls, interviews etc - can send it 
down, while long-term stress - high pressure all day at work - can 
send it up. But this isn't failsafe.

Did an oratorio concert at the weekend in Skipton. When I'm not 
doing computer stuff I'm a professional singer. Bg was perfect 
through the performance, and I was really smug. Admittedly 
adrenaline doesn't really flow at these times anymore - I just do it. 
Trouble is that high or low bg's affect my voice in a fairly major way. 
This was one of my main motivations for getting a pump in first 
place. And it works!

But I had had the trauma of 3 hours sleep the night before, got up 
at 4.30am, 7am flight from Basel to Manchester. Lovely Swiss Air 
breakfast, correctly carb counted, sent my bg to 15. But I returned 
it to base and it sat steady for the rest of the day. My evening meal 
(pre-concert) consisted of Phileas Fogg tacos. That's life eh?


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