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Re: [IPk] racing

Di, I wouldn't say I was particularly active that day, just pretty scared 
that I was on deaths doorstep!! 2 Porche 911's crashed in the same place at 
different times and totally ruined their bodies. drivers weren't hurt but it 
kinda put an edge on the day.

I thought adrenaline and stress sent my bgs high-ish aswell, it must have 
been my muscles using my energy I guess.


>Hi Eleanor
>I would guess you were using up a lot of energy.
>I imagine you were quite active all day.
>Adrenaline and stress sends my Bgs way up.
>I went to Blackpool on Saturday and went on the Big One, amongst other
>things. My Bg afterwards was 13 which I'm sure was due to the
>stress. I thought about doing a "before and after" test but couldn't
>be bothered!
>BTW anyone know how many carbs in a cheeseburger and small fries (nice 
>healthy food)?
>My guess seemed to be pretty accurate but I was doing lots of exercise too.
> > I stared the day with perfect BGs but throughout I went hypo. Could this
> > have been the affect of the adrenaline or do you think I was using so 
> > energy tensing my muscles and holding onto the car seat for dear life!!
> >
> > I usually find that excitment and adrenaline sends me high.
> >
> > Any thoughts ??
> > Eleanor
> >
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