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Re: [IPk] Carb. Counting / Pizza

I think the reason noone has a single successful strategy for dealing
with pizza is because it affects people differently.

Some people have found strategies that work, some haven't.
I'm happy to do any research on pizza :-) though I try to avoid it
because of the fat.

I know a lot of people deal with fat in general (not just oizza)
using a higher temp. basal rate. The question is, how would I figure
out how to do it? Would I, say, reduce the bolus by half and then
divide the remaining units equally over say a 4 hour period?

So if I was going to take 4 units for the meal, I'd take 2 for the
meal and then increase my basal by 0.5 for the next 4 hours?


> Some Possibilities are :
> 1.  to programme half of the bolus at the usual time and the remainder 1-2
> hours  later .
> 2.  to programme an extended bolus with a duration of approx. 4 hours or a
> dual wave bolus [ MM 507C ]
> 3. to programme a temp. basal rate which acts as a long bolus whilst the
> pizza is digested .
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