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Re: [IPk] Carb. Counting / Pizza

>A few weeks ago we talked about problems with pizzas .
>I had the chance to discuss the issue of pizzas with some Italian
>diabetologists and dieticians this weekend and the problem seems to be
>international .
>No-one has a successful strategy for calculating the carb. content or 
>on the B/G of pizza .
>Some Possibilities are :
>1.  to programme half of the bolus at the usual time and the remainder 1-2
>hours  later .
>2.  to programme an extended bolus with a duration of approx. 4 hours or a
>dual wave bolus [ MM 507C ]
>3. to programme a temp. basal rate which acts as a long bolus whilst the
>pizza is digested .
>There is talk of performing a pizza / bolus study .
>I'm definately in  this one !!

Morag, you can put my name down!!

It might be tough, but I'll do ALMOST anything in the name of research.... 
for a price!!


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