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[IPk] racing

ok, last Thursday I went to a track day with my dad at Donnington. 
Unfortunatly I didn't get a chance to drive the variety of cars there, 
ranging from Porches, TVRs, Ferraris, Lotus etc, but I managed to blag myway 
into getting plenty of rides around the track.

I thought I was going to die.....! I was holding so tightly to the seats I 
think I left inprints!!

so, as you can imagen there was quite a lot of adrenaline flowing through by 

I stared the day with perfect BGs but throughout I went hypo. Could this 
have been the affect of the adrenaline or do you think I was using so much 
energy tensing my muscles and holding onto the car seat for dear life!!

I usually find that excitment and adrenaline sends me high.

Any thoughts ??

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