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Re: [IPk] basals

Funny you should say that, morag. That's exactly what I tried the last 2 days.
Didn't seem to make any difference.
yes, I'm using lispro (which is almost completely gone after 3 hours - it works
fast with me).
0.1 unit difference for an hour doesn't seem to be enough.

I wondered if the morning bolus was the problem.
I have been reducing that gradually.
This morning I tried 2.5 units for a 45g brakfast of fast carbs  (with
a BG of 8.9 to start with). Normally I take 1 unit per 15g carbs so
given a 1 unit high-BG bolus (to bring it down 2.5 points) that's only
1.5 units = 27.5 g carbs. And I still crashed 1 1/2 hours later.

I'm beginning to think I'm just weird though and need a lower
insulin-carb ratio at breakfast than at other times of the day. My BG
the rest of the morning seems stable (after rebounding from the low)
so it seems as if the basal is right.

When I don't eat breakfast my Bg goes up, just to complicate things!


> Di ,
> You are using lispro , right ?
> A suggestion would be to set your morning profile to start at 6am instead of
> 7am so 12pm-6am 1.2 u / hr and then 6am-11am at 1.1 .
> This shouldn't adversely affect your 7am b/g and may help to control your
> post b'fast low .
> If your post b'fast B/G has been too low [ by 1.6mmol or more ] for 2 days
> running you could consider reducing your b'fast bolus by 1 unit .
> Given that you are using lispro and you are low approx. 1-2 hrs after b'fast
> I think that the problem may be with your morning bolus dose rather than
> with your basal rates .
> Hope this helps.
> Morag
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