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Re: [IPk] basals

Di ,
You are using lispro , right ?
A suggestion would be to set your morning profile to start at 6am instead of
7am so 12pm-6am 1.2 u / hr and then 6am-11am at 1.1 .

This shouldn't adversely affect your 7am b/g and may help to control your
post b'fast low .

If your post b'fast B/G has been too low [ by 1.6mmol or more ] for 2 days
running you could consider reducing your b'fast bolus by 1 unit .

Given that you are using lispro and you are low approx. 1-2 hrs after b'fast
I think that the problem may be with your morning bolus dose rather than
with your basal rates .

Hope this helps.
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: IP- UK <email @ redacted>
Date: 14 May 1999 13:12
Subject: [IPk] basals

>OK, I'm calling on your expert advice out there again.
>I've been doing lots of basal testing and things appear to be more or less
right except for the mornings.
>Currently I'm on
>12pm -7am 1.2
>7am - 11am 1.1
>11am - 12pm 0.9
>My reading at 7am is generally the same as the one before bed, but
>then I
>go low every morning at about 9am (approx. 1 1/2 hours after
>breakfast). I've been eating the same breakfast of a measured 30g carbs.
Even when
>I lowered the insulin/carb ratio for breakfast and didn't walk my
>usual 30 mins. into work I still went slightly
>low. Then about 2 hours later I end up at about 11 mmol/l (without
>overtreating the hypo - but I nearly always rebound from hypos even if
>I catch them in good time). If I dont eat breakfast I still can't
>figure it out because I still go low and then high, so I don't know if
>the high is caused by the low or not. When I had a lower basal rate
>from 4-7am my BG at 7am was OK but I then went higher after breakfast
rather than lower.
>it doesn't seem to make sense. I find it really hard to skip breakfast,
>especially on a weekday, so I have only tested that one a couple of
>times. Anything obvious spring to mind or do I just need to do more
>some testing?
>The two possibilities that spring to mind are
>a higher basal rate from say 4-7am and then a lower one from 7-11, or
>the exact opposite. naybe I just have to try both and see.
>thanks for any help
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