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[IPk] Sofsets

has anyone had a Sofset needle completely bend when inserting it?
I had an intersting experience yesterday.
We went to Blackpool for the day. I needed to change my set in the
morning but didn't have time before I left due to an unforeseen
problem. So I had to do it on the train (since the set was really
hurting and the reservoir was almost empty). Well that gave me a chance
to explain to my friends all about the pump and DM anyway (and only
person didn't like the sight of needles, although the elderly couple
sitting opposite us were looking very suspiciously at me!). Anyway,
finally got it all sorted, put the set in, and then couldn't get the
needle out. I had to pull at it really hard for ages until finally it
came out, and it was completely twisted and bent in 3! Luckily I had a
second Sofset with me so I took the set out (cannula was completely
bent as well) and put the other one in. that wasn't exactly painless
either but by this time I had no option as I didn't particularly want
to go onto shots all day. I thought i was going to have to as it
started hurting more and more, but then when I looked in my bag I
realised that my syringe must have fallen out, so I had no way of
taking shots either. Strangely enough, after going on the Big One
something must have dislodged it slightly and it felt fine after that!

I was so glad of my pump though, as in spite of the stress of the
rollercoaster rides, eating "crap food", a birthday celebration on the
beach involving a certain amount of wine, a lot of unplanned exercise
on the beach (which did result in a hypo but which I still managed to
recognise in spite of being "not quite sober" - good thing I had
explained to my friends about hypos only that morning!), and an evening of
dancing, I managed great BGs all day and night and got a chance to
educate my friends about Dm in more ways than one!
Very different to the last time I did the same thing on MDI and the
Big One was not the only rollercoaster of the day!


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