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Re: [IPk] basals

Grrr, more going without breakfast :-(
It's frustrating that it all takes so long!
By the time I've found a day when it's the right time of mthe month,
my Bg starts off normal, I haven't been hypo in the night and I'm not
doing something strange the next morning or that requires me to have
breakfast if I'm to survive, well you get the picture....
Still, I know it's worth it (specially if I get rid of these *****
hypos in the morning). As yuo say, netter htan trying to do it on I-tard!


> Di - I'm glad you're getting into the exciting detail. Try doing this on
> Insulatard...
> Nope. I can't see any other alternative. Try different basals and see.
> You seem to be in control!
> John
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