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[IPk] basals

OK, I'm calling on your expert advice out there again.
I've been doing lots of basal testing and things appear to be more or less right except for the mornings.
Currently I'm on

12pm -7am 1.2
7am - 11am 1.1
11am - 12pm 0.9

My reading at 7am is generally the same as the one before bed, but
then I
go low every morning at about 9am (approx. 1 1/2 hours after
breakfast). I've been eating the same breakfast of a measured 30g carbs. Even when
I lowered the insulin/carb ratio for breakfast and didn't walk my
usual 30 mins. into work I still went slightly
low. Then about 2 hours later I end up at about 11 mmol/l (without
overtreating the hypo - but I nearly always rebound from hypos even if
I catch them in good time). If I dont eat breakfast I still can't
figure it out because I still go low and then high, so I don't know if
the high is caused by the low or not. When I had a lower basal rate
from 4-7am my BG at 7am was OK but I then went higher after breakfast rather than lower.
it doesn't seem to make sense. I find it really hard to skip breakfast,
especially on a weekday, so I have only tested that one a couple of
times. Anything obvious spring to mind or do I just need to do more
some testing?

The two possibilities that spring to mind are
a higher basal rate from say 4-7am and then a lower one from 7-11, or
the exact opposite. naybe I just have to try both and see.

thanks for any help

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