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Re: [IPk] Disetronic clip


I admit brown leather may not be everyone cup of tea, however....

help is on it's way in the form of a groovy anthracite coloured hardened
plastic affair, - the one that John H wants you to road test, you should
receive it tomorrow- pls let me know what you think...


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From: Eleanor Biddle <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: 14 May 1999 10:46
Subject: Re: [IPk] Disetronic clip

>Estelle, I have a REALLY REALLY attractive brown leather case, but it
>doesn't work for me. the clip is metal and diggs into the skin and hurts!
>also it's a bit too short and falls off i find, maybe it's just me.
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