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Re: [IPk] Tender/Rapid

Right. it's nice to know I'm not *quite* as stupid as I appear, and
that you're not talking **** either :-)
You did understand my description of the dastardly deed correctly (as
far as I recall, i disconnected from the site end first, then I
disconnected from the syringe end and reconnected to the new syringe,
so insulin could have flowed downwards in those few seconds.) had I
disconnected it in reverse order, does that mena it would have worked

I'm not a physicist, so I don't have huge understanding of these
things. (OK, I know you're not either, but still...)
Please can you explain in not too technical terms (just to
satisfy my curiosity) why if one end is disconnected, nothing will flow out, but if both ends are disconnected, it will?
This is why I got it wrong before, because I didn't realise there was
a difference between these two.
> Correct me if I've misunderstood your original description of the
> dastardly deed, but only when _both_ ends of the tube are exposed to the
> air will the insulin freely run out of the lower end. If one end is
> still fixed to the cartridge, nothing can flow.
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