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Re: [IPk] Tender/Rapid

Diana Maynard wrote:

> Another question - this may be a stupid one :-)
> if as you said previously, John N, the insulin can flow out of the end
> of the tube when it's disconnected, does this mean that evry tiem I
> disconnect, even if only for a few seconds or minutes, the insulin
> could flow out and I could be getting air bubbles when I reconnect? If
> not, why not?

Correct me if I've misunderstood your original description of the
dastardly deed, but only when _both_ ends of the tube are exposed to the
air will the insulin freely run out of the lower end. If one end is
still fixed to the cartridge, nothing can flow.

That's the theory. In practive, due to the head of water pressure,
slight elasticity in the whole system, and any residual little air
bubbles, a small amount of insulin (~ 0.1 units) can seep out of the
disconnected end if it is much lower that the pump. So it's a good idea
to keep the disconnected end level with the pump, or push that rubber
bung over the disconnected end.

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