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Re: [IPk] Tender/Rapid


We do a plastic shower bag which you can wear around your neck, which allows
the water to drain through and out the bottom, however, this would only be
handy if you wear a waterproof pump.  I'm sure you could improvise and make
something similar, as John suggests.


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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 13 May 1999 12:16
Subject: Re: [IPk] Tender/Rapid

>Also, how do I take shower without unplugging?
>There's nowhere I can put the pump safely when I'm in the shower while it's
still attached to
>me (even aside from trying to keep it dry). Anyone have any ideas? I'm
>down to my last QR set now.
>> Ele -
>> That's interesting. I too find sometimes that the Tender, despite being
>> extremely comfortable to use, leaves a nastier mark at the infusion
>> point. Even the SofSet left less of a mark, although I found its whole
>> design and construction less convenient. Maybe I'll hunt out some 6mm
>> unpluggable Rapids in Germany and give them another try.
>> John
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