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Re: [IPk] Tender/Rapid

> Also, how do I take shower without unplugging?
> There's nowhere I can put the pump safely when I'm in the shower while it's still attached to
> me (even aside from trying to keep it dry). Anyone have any ideas? I'm
> down to my last QR set now.

Oh, a bit of imagination goes a long way...

You can buy some of those showerpaks from Minimed, and hang your pump
from the shower head, or just put it on the floor. Or improvise with a
sandwich bag and one of those heavy duy food clips.

I used a Tuppaware dish - those small ones you can get in Sainsburys,
with the press-on lid - and cut a small slot in the side. Just a small
one, small enough to take the tube, but not really let the water in.
Worked very well.

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