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Re: [IPk] Tender/Rapid

Hmmm, I've found the exact opposite. The Sofsets tend to leave a much
worse mark. My last one had given me a nice "bump" under the skin
which is still there after 4 days, despite only having the set in for
2 1/2 days.

Even worse, the clinic has no QR Sofsets so I'm now reduced to non-QR
ones until the Sils arrive. No more swimming unless I go just before
changing my set I suppose. Apparently they had a temporary cashflow
problem (now sorted) as they went from having 2 pump patients to 6 and
didn't take into account hacing to order so much stuff at once.
Also, how do I take shower without unplugging?
There's nowhere I can put the pump safely when I'm in the shower while it's still attached to
me (even aside from trying to keep it dry). Anyone have any ideas? I'm
down to my last QR set now.

> Ele -
> That's interesting. I too find sometimes that the Tender, despite being
> extremely comfortable to use, leaves a nastier mark at the infusion
> point. Even the SofSet left less of a mark, although I found its whole
> design and construction less convenient. Maybe I'll hunt out some 6mm
> unpluggable Rapids in Germany and give them another try.
> John
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