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Re: [IPk] bikini

Yeah, I see what you're saying, but I seem to get more sensative the lower I 
go below the belly button. The site ends up going red blah, blah, blah and I 
have to change to a Rapid where I get little or no trouble compared to the 


>The scandinavians  use the silhouette/ tender as little fat is needed for
>placing the set and also the disconnect is discreet .
>They insert the catheter quite low down so that all is concealed by the
>bikini bottoms .
>Another Scandinavian idea during summer months when they all go to the sea
>is to only wear the pump at night and to use injections during the day .
>This can work well and still gives you the benefit of pumping insulin 
>you sleep with the reduced hypo risk .
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>From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
>Date: 11 May 1999 09:48
>Subject: Re: [IPk] more questions
> >> What the heck do you do with a bikini? Maybe I should re-word that! 
> >> you do with the pump when wearing a bikini. Any ideas lads?!! <g>
> >
> >Well personally I won't be wearing a bikini till I've lost a lot more
> >weight, but anyway....
> >
> >> Most of the bikini bottoms are so low i.e not covering the belly button
> >> it would be painful to put an infusion set in below the waistline.
> >
> >Can you not use the bit right at the bottom of your stomach (if you
> >see what I mean)? Or do you think the bikini would rub on it?
> >
> >I would just use the part above the waistline or the hip. Of course, it
> >show, but not much, especially with the Tender. When you're not
> >actually swimming I imagine you'd  be wearing something over it so
> >there'sd be somewhere to put the actual pump (I'd just shove it in the
> >bikini top or bottoms at the side) or put it in the pocket od shorts
> >or something.
> >
> >> The German DSN who trained me said that she met a couple of women who 
> >> the sets in the side of their breasts! You were waning to experiment 
> >> sites Di, try there! I guess it makes sense. There’s fatty tissue, but 
> >> would have thought it would be just a little sensitive!!
> >Eek. No thanks! I definitely wouldn't put a Sofset there! And on y a
> >Tender if I was really desperate!
> >Plus I don't really want any scar tissue there!
> >
> >> Another thing. Di, when you latin dance is it quite close contact with
> >> partner?
> >
> >yes, extremely. (and for ballroom your hips are completely together
> >too).
> >The only problemI've had so far was when I had a Tender in the top
> >part of my stomach and there was a little loose tubing, and as I spun
> >and went into a drop (leaning back with my head to the floor balanced on
>one foot
> >my partner was supporting all my weight with one hand round the waist,
> >and he got his hand caught in the tubing and accidentally yanked at
> >it. Ow! The set got a bit dislodged and the tape came a bit unstuck
> >but it didn't come out. I had to change it later though.
> >But otherwise, I haven't found it a problem so far, even though I am
> >often right up against my partner where the site is, or his hand is
> >right on top of it. Sometimes I need some extra tape as the sweat make
> >sit some a it unstuck, but it hasn't hurt since I started using Skin
> >Prep on the site before I insert it. A couple of times it's got a bit
> >itchy after the gym but that's been when the site has needed changing
> >anyway.
> >maybe you could put some extra tape to hold it all down when you go
> >clubbing? A big piece right over the top of everything (as long as
> >you can get it off without pulling the set out afterwards).
> >>
> >> The reason why I wear the tender is so I can easily take the pump off 
> >> for clubbing nights. Does anyone else get this problem? I think the 
> >> must have something to do with it because sometimes after the gym my 
> >> gets itchy.
> >
> >Do you take it off when you go clubbing then?
> >Di
> >
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