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Re: [IPk] more questions

> >
> > Michael, I'm having trouible finding a bikini with a high enough 
> > I haven't tried putting them on bum yet. I've heard that it hurts when 
> > sit down. Must also be hard to put them in...
>I've tried with the Sofsets there but high up - level with the back
>pocket on a pair of jeans - and it was a great site. A bit harder to put
>a Tender in (and disconnect) but you should be able to reach OK. You
>don't sit on that part so you shouldn't feel it unless you're sitting
>right up against something (just don't put your
>hand in your back pocket!) and it should be covered by your
>bikini. You might have problems with uneven absorption there, though I
>didn't seem to. Also you could try a bit further round to the side -
>if you imagine where your bikini bottoms would start to narrow at the
>side. You might not have enough room there but I think I would.

i think it's a matter of experimenting with sites...... OWCH :o( not really 
looking forward to it, but if that's what it takes...


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