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Re: [IPk] more questions

>Now these are the kind of questions I like ;-)
> >What the heck do you do with a bikini? Maybe I should re-word that! What 
> >you do with the pump when wearing a bikini. Any ideas lads?!! <g>
>I will decline any comments at this point ;-)
> >Most of the bikini bottoms are so low i.e not covering the belly button 
> >it would be painful to put an infusion set in below the waistline. I 
> >if Iím planning on wearing a bikini for most of the day it would be best 
> >go to the pen, but then that means putting a fresh set in EVERY day.
>Why not stick it in your bottom cheek ? Lots of fleshy bits and if you used
>a short tube it should be ok.

and how would you know how fleshy my bottom cheeks are Natty?!!


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