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Re: [IPk] learning the hard way yet again

> Fools the lot of them. If doesn't have to go through the hospital. Chase
> and chivy them the whole way. Get Minimed/Disetronic to deliver them
> direct to you, and invoice the hospital. You send a signed delivery note
> to the hospital saying they were received. It's your quality of life
> that is being sacrificed. Don't stand for it. Ring the hospital daily.
> The persistent always get what they want.

hehe - I've been hassling Donna non-stop! For now I have to egt them through the hospital but I'll try and get them delivered to me directly in future. If my Gp agrees to fund them I'll get them through him anyway, which will be easier.

The clinic wil lprived me with the batteries - that's why I'm not
getting any myself. I rang up 3 weeks ago and asked for some more -
the guy said he's send some out to me straight away. After asking
Donna about 3 times for them after that she finally said today that
they hadn't sent me any because they didnt have any
left. Grrrr. They'd ordered some but were waiting for them to arrive.

The ones I got myself were from Maplins - I assumed reasonabyl high
turnover but obviously not. Also I now know there are tywop types and
these were probably the wrong type!

> Get Boots to order some. They'll be in after lunch.
Oh great. I wasn't sure if I could get them or not.
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