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Re: [IPk] learning the hard way yet again

Diana Maynard wrote:
> I rang up Donna again today and she said she'd ordered them but they
> hadn't come yet sine the order has to go through the hospital. grrrr -
> it's been 3 weeks since I asked for them.

Fools the lot of them. If doesn't have to go through the hospital. Chase
and chivy them the whole way. Get Minimed/Disetronic to deliver them
direct to you, and invoice the hospital. You send a signed delivery note
to the hospital saying they were received. It's your quality of life
that is being sacrificed. Don't stand for it. Ring the hospital daily.
The persistent always get what they want.

> And for some spare
> batteries! The ones I bought myself the first time only lasted a week
> so I'm not getting those ones again in a hurry unless I have to!

Go to a supplier with a really high turnover, like Dixons. Even better
get them from the hospital. They are pump disposables after all. I get
batteries included in my box of reservoirs, but that may be just in
Germany they do that.

> Also, where can I get more Skin Prep from?
> Can I get it from Minimed, Ray?

Get Boots to order some. They'll be in after lunch.

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