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Re: [IPk] learning the hard way yet again

Hi John :-)
How did I guess you would say something like that?

But regardless of how much it costs, and whether it's me or someone
else who's paying for it, that's just me, I just don't like to waste
things :-)

Now I know it doesn't work, I promise not to do it again (especially
since I've wasted far more insulin sorting it all out!).
But I seriously thought there wouldn't be any problem, that's why I
did it.
> Once the tubing is totally disconnected, insulin will run straight out
> of which ever end is lower - it takes barely half a second. You haven't
> a chance!

Oh? I thought the whole point was that it couldn't just run out
because of the way the connectors work. Ohviously not, I guess that's
the connector on the other bit. It was lying flat anyway but I guess
some insulin escaped and left a gap.

I'm not being intentionally obtuse or not thinking about these things
- I just had no idea. Now I know, I'll know what to do wand what not
to do.

> Regarding the air bubbles with the SofSet, the SofSets used to have very
> angled internal corners on the connector, which readily trapped air
> bubbles. Last year they improved the design. But it's quite possible you
> have old stock. The Tenders have much more rounded internal corners that
> don't trap bubbles.

That could be why.
I rang up Donna again today and she said she'd ordered them but they
hadn't come yet sine the order has to go through the hospital. grrrr -
it's been 3 weeks since I asked for them. And for some spare
batteries! The ones I bought myself the first time only lasted a week
so I'm not getting those ones again in a hurry unless I have to!

Also, where can I get more Skin Prep from? 
Can I get it from Minimed, Ray?

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