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Re: [IPk] learning the hard way yet again

Di - do you want me to be gentle or blunt?

No - don't answer. I'll be blunt. What the HELL were you doing worrying
about the few units of insulin in the tubing? We're talking pennies
here. 20 for a 10ml bottle? 2 pence per unit. Probably less. And you
don't even pay for it yourself... Pleeeeeeze be sensible.

Forget the little things. Change everything nice and new each time.
It'll be easier when you have the Tender/Silhouettes I'm sure.

Once the tubing is totally disconnected, insulin will run straight out
of which ever end is lower - it takes barely half a second. You haven't
a chance!

Regarding the air bubbles with the SofSet, the SofSets used to have very
angled internal corners on the connector, which readily trapped air
bubbles. Last year they improved the design. But it's quite possible you
have old stock. The Tenders have much more rounded internal corners that
don't trap bubbles.

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